New M series loader

Suitable for John Deere tractors up to 150hp, the new four model M series loaders are aimed at those not needing all the features of the higher spec R loaders launched five years ago.

by Steven Vale

21 May 2020

The M series comes with mechanical self-levelling and has a slim line boom to boost visibility. All of the hydraulic hoses are also plumbed through the boom. The loaders are also 20% lighter than the R series variant and fast lifting with the 603M taking four seconds to reach full height.

The smallest model is the 1,450kg rated 543M, which has a lift height of 3.7m. The 603M has a lift capacity of 1,700kg at 0.80m with a bucket attached, and max lift height of 3.9m. The 623M can reach 4.1m and lifts 1,770kg and the biggest model in the range, the 643M, can handle 1,880kg with a max lift height of 4.3m.

All of the new loader range have the option of boom suspension. The M loaders also use the same tractor brackets as the R series making it easier for fleet owners to swap booms. The loader is said to be suitable for 5M, 5R, 6M and 6R models up to and including the 6155M/R.