Visitors to Mzuri’s LAMMA stand will be able to see the Pro-Til 3 and 4m one-pass drills fitted with the new low disturbance coulters, and the Rezult, a straw rake for stale seedbed management. Compatible with all Pro-Til models, which from next year are all covered by an extended two-year warranty, the low disturbance coulter can be specified for new machines, or retrofitted to older models. Designed to improve seeding depth accuracy, only the points of the new coulter come into contact with the soil, which says Mzuri, results in less metal wear and tear, and lower running costs. The new coulters are said to be quicker to service as just the points (the only wearing part) need to be replaced. Tungsten upgrades are available to extend the point longevity, and the new coulter is available in single and dual row versions. Additionally, Mzuri will show the Rezult straw rake, which the company claims is ideal for stale seedbed preparation and blackgrass management. Featuring extra-long 28” (710mm) tines, Rezult produces a light tilth to stimulate weed germination and disturb slug habitats, for following with a blanket application with a non-selective herbicide.