New Spider tedders from SIP

The 915/8 (9.15m working width/eight rotors), the first of two new Spider rotary tedders is for medium-sized farms. The second, the trailed 1300/12T (12.90m/12 rotors), is said to be pitched at larger farms and contractors.

by Steven Vale

16 Sep 2021

Sitting below the 1500/14T in the heavy duty range, rotor diameter on the 1300/12T is 1.45m and the patented hydraulic system is said to allow for quick and easy adjustment of the rotor angle from 12° to 18°.

The rotors are reinforced for additional strength and the drive system is fitted with double clutch overload protection. The rotors can move by up to 750mm to follow undulating land and a new safety system prevents the rotors from swinging.

With an adjustable drawbar and a compact transport chassis (transport length is 6.25m), the 3.2t tedder can travel at road speeds of up to 40km/hr.

The tedding angle on the Spider 915/8 is adjustable from 11° to 19°. Rotor diameter is 1.6m and the reinforced rotor plate is made of 4mm steel. The tine arms are equipped with safety guards to prevent broken tines from entering the forage.

Large rotor wheels are said to evenly distribute the weight to reduce ground pressure and the jockey wheel is said to provide good ground tracking.

Standard equipment includes hydraulic steering of the wheels to the left or right and machine side shift, which helps when working on headlands.

The Smart Lift system raises and automatically locks the outer rotors when turning on headlands. The 1.45t tedder is said to be lightweight enough to connect to an 80hp tractor.