The UK distributor has launched a heads-up lightbar guidance system for manually steered tractors, and a new electric steering wheel system for non-autosteer ready machines. The Topcon SI-21 lightbar is described as an easy-to-install and user-friendly system that provides operators with better visibility of the steering correction cues required to stay-on-line during field operations.

Complementing all existing Topcon X-series control consoles, the SI-21 uses a series of coloured LEDs which activate in the same sequence as the lightbar displayed on X-series consoles. By placing the lightbar in the machine operator’s line of sight, the SI-21 avoids the need for operators to view an offset or side-mounted console. The lightbar features a full-colour graphic display with integrated dashboard software items for additional heads-up information. Prices start from £365 (includes a suction-cup mount).

The AES-35 is a retro-fit electric steering system for non-steer-ready tractors and other specialty vehicles. Joining the existing AES-25 steering system, the firm says the AES-35 is fully weather-proof and can be used in open-platform or non-cab environments.

Compatible with a wide range of equipment, including tractors, sprayers, spreaders and combines, key features include a high torque electric motor which operates in both forwards and reverse, and RTK levels of steering accuracy of +/-2cm. The optional wheel angle sensor increases accuracy at slow speeds and when operating front mounted implements. Prices start from £2,995.