The new Cebis Mobile 12-inch colour touchscreen allows the operator to maintain full control over machine operating states from a single terminal that integrates all existing functions of Cruise Pilot, Cemos Dialog and Cemos Automatic assistance systems. Available in Lexion 600/700 models for the 2018 harvesting season, the combine harvester silhouette in the main area of the screen continuously displays the settings for all the main functional areas, such as rotor and fan speed, grain moisture and grain tank fill level. The image from the grain quality camera also appears on the screen, and two screen slide controllers allow the operator to set the optimum balance between grain cleanliness, straw quality and throughput. The Cruise Pilot status is displayed in the lower area of the screen, and includes forward speed, throughput in the feeder housing, throughput in tonnes per hour and engine load. Instead of using Cebis, the operator can also adjust all Cruise Pilot functions from the Cebis Mobile. The Cemos Dialog for machine monitoring is always active in the background, permanently monitoring all work processes, analysing the data and prompting the driver if the machine’s potential is not fully utilised. A message appears on the screen and the driver can view a suggestion for optimising the settings simply by tapping the screen. Alternatively, the operator can also actively access the Cemos Dialog functions from the touchscreen to view suggested optimisations for a specific operating range. The displayed suggestions can be accepted or rejected by touching the screen.