New Valtra powershift, suspension and Stage V models

Stage V versions of the T and S Series above 130kW (174hp) tractors are coming this month, followed by the N174 in the spring and N134 and N154 in the autumn.

by Steven Vale

7 Jan 2019

Announced at an online press conference today and unveiled tomorrow at LAMMA the LFTN-D5 AGCO Power SCR blocks not only run more smoothly but are also claimed to require less maintenance. N and T Series engines continue to be EGR free and on S Series the level of EGR is kept below 15%.

Design changes to Stage V models to accommodate the larger after-treatment installations has resulted in improved visibility from the cab, and additional updates to the S Series include better cab access, additional tool storage space and updated LED tail light assembly. New colour options are also available.

Also new is a second terminal option for SmartTouch models on N, T and S Series. The second terminal can be used as a display for ISObus implements, to access and manage auto-guidance and related field management options or to access an external camera.

Other news announced at the press conference include the Aires air-suspended front axle option on the latest N Series models (N134, N154 and N174). Similar to the arrangement already employed on the T, it features a separate, self-levelling pneumatic suspension with one air bellow as well as two shock absorbers. The current, second generation hydro-pneumatic suspension option will continue to be available on smaller N Series tractors.

Equally interesting is the new HiTech 4 16x16 powershift transmission in the A104 and A114, which Valtra says customers have been asking for since the seven-model A Series was launched in 2017.

The two mid-size chassis A104 and A114 are now available with the new HiTech 4 transmission.

Featuring four ranges with four powershift steps, six speeds are available in the main work range between 4 and 12km/hr. Operated via rocker switches on the control grip lever, a super creeper 32+32R option reduces speeds to below 100m/hr at 1400rpm.

New electronic controls provide for more precise front loader work and feature a joystick with optional third and fourth function, SoftDrive shock absorber and hydraulic implement locking.

A mechanical cab suspension is a new option on A Series HiTech 4 models and the instrument panel in the new dashboard can be read in bright sunlight. The Stage IV four-pot AGCO Power AWFC engines in the mid-size chassis A104 (100hp) and A114 (110hp) HiTech 4 models use only SCR after-treatment technology.

These latest HiTech 4 models can now also be equipped with a front pto and linkage. Production and delivery has already started and the first public display will be at LAMMA tomorrow.

The Valtra team at the online press conference.

Finally, after an extended pilot phase, Valtra Connect, which is available now for N and T Series tractors and will be rolled out for A and S Series machines later this year, allows users to access tractor information such as fuel levels, GPS location and CANbus signals via a smartphone or PC.

Included in the retail price for new tractors, the service is free of charge for the first three years. It can also be retro-fitted to selected models. New customers can also opt for an extended warranty contract, which is available in most European markets for up to five years or 6,000 hours.