Specialist Italian tractor maker Antonio Carraro has issued a press release to stress it is not involved in talks with AGCO. The statement follows a comment made at an Agritechnica press conference by AGCO top man Martin Richenhagen. When quizzed about possible future acquisitions, Mr Richenhagen said that if a mid-size company was available for the right price ‘such as Antonio-Carraro in Italy’ then there may be an opportunity in the future. While greatly flattered by the compliments paid to our company by the president of AGCO, no such deal is in progress says president Antonio Carraro (picture) of the Italian tractor maker, who adds there has never been any meeting with any representative from AGCO. Mr Carraro says the only piece of truth is that for a number of years now his company has been contacted periodically by almost all of the world’s tractor manufacturers, with the exclusion of AGCO, enquiring after the opportunity of exploiting any possible collaborative synergy to be had from the manufacturing of compact specialised tractors, which almost none of the main manufacturers produce themselves.