Not just a ballast block

Not only does the Ryetec weight block offer additional storage for tools and spare parts it can also be used as an in-field workbench complete with vice.

by Mervyn Bailey

7 May 2020

The base unit weighs in at 400kg, but this can be increased to 1,500kg with permanent ballast or for those wanting greater flexibility there is the option of adding a 500kg or 1,000kg detachable belly weights which cost £595 and £895 respectively.

Under the dustproof gas strut assisted bonnet is a full width toolbox complete with rubber mat base and internal lighting. Other standard features of the £2,520 weight include LED strobe and work lights, and outer road markings.

Name plates and different colour schemes are available. Of a more practical nature is a swing up vice (£200) positioned in the middle of the box with a storage tray on either side as standard.