One of a kind 70 series

This Doe Triple D style tractor, based on a pair of Ford New Holland 70 series, has just hit the market from Hertfordshire dealer Oakfields Ag and is already causing a stir on their Facebook page.

by Mervyn Bailey

12 Feb 2021

It is project that the used machinery specialist has been working on for a number of weeks, mating the front 8870 to the rear 8670 using the SuperSteer front axle to steer the two. Chris Brock informs us that while the rear 6,000 hour tractor is in fine fettle the engine in the front unit is currently a non-runner and needs to be reconditioned.

Indeed, to get the front and rear tractors to work in synchronised harmony is going to take a bit more time and money and possibly a lot of head scratching. Chris says they are looking £39,500 for the prototype machine in its current state but all of the removed parts are still at hand if the two tractors were to be separated.