The added value generated by Amazone’s disc-integrated AutoTS border spreading system, compared with conventional systems, can now be calculated with an online border spreading calculator.

The idea of producing it was to try and demonstrate the significance of improved border spreading, explains managing director Simon Brown of Amazone Ltd.

“AutoTS generates a much sharper drop off at the edge of the field and so boosts yield in that first 6.0m around the border as well as minimising fertiliser wastage,” he says.

“It is also adjustable on the move between the different techniques so, if we are faced with a water course or public access around a field, then three sides of that field can all have a different approach without stopping spreading.”

By entering the yield and return for different crops, the online tool calculates the theoretical additional revenue that could be generated.

“The data behind the calculator was generated by carrying out long term field trials that compared standard systems with the AutoTS and hence these figures are realistic and show the additional revenue that can be achieved.”

AutoTS is offered on both the trailed ZG-TS and mounted ZA-TS spreaders. The calculator is available online at –