Online training ahead of new drone regulations

Farmers are being urged to fully understand the legal implications of drone use and seek training ahead of new regulations.

by Steven Vale

30 Sep 2019

It is estimated that over a third of the 76,000+ drones in the UK by 2030 will be used in agriculture, and new Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations will require farmers to become more aware of how to deploy them on their land.

The EU unmanned aircraft regulations come into effect in July 2020, giving users plenty of time to prepare, and Cranfield University, through the Agrifood Training Partnership, will soon start a four-month online e-learning course.

Called ‘Drones for crop production’ it will be tutored by Dr Monica Rivas Casado who reckons that the regulations governing the use of drones in all areas are becoming more complex. “It is crucial that farmers understand how to deploy drones safely and effectively on their farm by being aware of these new regulations.”

In addition to being aware of CAA regulations, those who study the course will also learn how drones can be applied in agriculture, how to differentiate between drones, and what software is available for crop monitoring. It will also cover how to interpret the data generated by drones and how this can be used to improve crop and land management.

The course starts on November 18 and costs £350. For more information visit