Aimed primarily at users seeking compact dimensions, the three models (370, 410 and 450) are said to have a smaller ‘external’ footprint to other wagons with a similar capacity. Loading capacities range from 36m³ to 44m³ (DIN).

Sitting below the 2019 launched Magnon 10 range, standard fitments on the smaller siblings in the top of the range series include a Flex-Load pick-up, Exact Cut, and a new moving front headboard. The latter provides an additional 4.5m³ loading capacity when the cargo space is completely filled.

The front headboard is initially in the vertical position towards the rear of the wagon, but when chopped grass builds up and pushes against the tailgate sensor the front panel moves forward, in three stages, to increase capacity. When discharging, the front wall is hydraulically moved to the rear of the machine to assist with unloading.

The extra-wide, 2.25m, Continuous Flow System (CFS) pick-up ensures a wide swath of grass can be collected, which is particularly useful around corners, and means the outer edge of the rotor is kept full of forage to even out loading across the full width of the rotor. Powered via an oil-bath gearbox, the high (1,000rpm) speed is reduced to the rotor for maximum torque and preservation of the drive line.

The redesigned crop press roller is said to optimise forage flow into the Flex-Load pick-up. The new, larger diameter, double roller crop press with a slip-proof profile ensures optimal flow into the mechanically powered Flex-Load pick-up. In addition, a guide roller mounted behind the pick-up is available as an option for optimum adaptation to the ground.

With 44 knives and a theoretical cutting length of 35mm, the double-sided knives of the Exact-Cut cutting unit have a rapid-trigger protection function, which automatically retracts them from the conveying unit when a foreign object is detected. Keeping maintenance to a minimum, the retracted knife automatically returns to its working position.

The 2.25m wide forage box comprises four round steel chains (10 x 31mm) embedded in the steel platform floor. Each one has a breaking strain of 13t and the platform is powder-coated for protection against corrosion.

A boogie tandem chassis is standard on the two smaller models. The 450 comes standard with a hydraulic tandem chassis (optional on the smaller models). All Magnon 8s are supplied on 710/50 R26.5 tyres (hydraulic tandem chassis can be fitted with larger sizes up to 800/45 R30.5).

The Strautmann ISObus control is standard. A 5.7″ control terminal can be delivered as optional equipment if an ISObus-compatible tractor is not available. Options on the larger 450 model include a tridem chassis with an axle load of 27t, electronic active steering and lifting axle.

For maintenance, the drawbar and the cutting unit of all three models can be operated from the outside. The Magnon 8 CFS370 retails from £129,588.

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