Opico’s new HE-VA Tip Roller XL is on display for the first time in the UK at the Cereals Event. Previously, the Danish manufacturer only offered three section rolls with shattaboards, up to a working width of 10.2m. The new strengthened double frame design on the latest versions allows shattaboards, harrow tines or cultivator tines to be fitted on 12.3m and 15.3m working width rolls across five contour following sections.

Meeting the demand for wider rolls, with the ability to cultivate and level, the two newcomers employ a similar ‘TIP’ folding system to the smaller machines, but the stronger frame allows this set of five rolls to become a multi-purpose machine cultivating and levelling in one pass. The shattaboards are hydraulically adjustable from the tractor seat so settings can be easily altered as soil type and conditions vary, and the Shattaboards can be retracted to use the rolls on their own. “The addition of shattaboards will turn a set of rolls into an all-round cultivator, which can be taken straight onto ploughed or cultivated ground, improving levelling and often saving an additional pass with a power harrow,” says Opico managing director James Woolway. HE-VA’s hydraulic Special Active Transfer system ensures the Tip Roller XL’s frame weight is consistently spread over the full working width. The 12.3m Tip Roller XL at Cereals weighs 12.6t, with the shattaboard or harrow tines adding another tonne. Prices start at £28,855 + VAT.