Described as a fast and cost-effective implement to spread straw and chaff evenly across the field ahead of the drill, Opico says that the He-Va Top-Strigle also helps in the battle against slugs and problem grass weeds.

Working with the five rows of harrow tines at a slight angle to the combine’s direction of travel at forward speeds from 15-25km/hr is said to produce the best results from the multi-directional oscillation from the 16mm diameter long-fingered spring tines.

These spread the material and create a fine surface tilth for weed seed and volunteer germination. The harrow also disturbs slug eggs exposing them to sunlight and destroying the next generation of mollusc pests before they emerge.

The heavy-duty central ladder-frame with dual hinge points and fold rams front and rear is said to cope with the stresses and strains exerted on the machine at fast speeds.

Available in working widths of 3.0-10m, hydraulic adjustment of the tine angle allows the aggressiveness to be varied on the move as conditions change. A Stocks seeder unit is an option for those that plan to use the straw harrow to establish cover- and catch-crops.

The 6.0m Top-Strigle folds to a width of just 1.65m. Transport width of the 8.0-10m models is 3.0m. The 10m model needs a 200-275hp tractor.

As an example of power requirement, Opico says that a 6.0m Top-Strigle, which weighs just short of 2.0t, would ideally be mounted on a 155-180hp tractor. Prices start from £11,227. The new harrow will be on the Opico stand at Lamma.

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