While it might look like it should be ferrying tourists, goats and building supplies around the alleyways of Saigon, the Paxter actually hails from Norway.

With its 10kW lithium-ion battery and 80-100km range it was developed specifically for the country’s postal and parcel-delivery services. Over the last ten years over 4,000 have been built and a good number now appear in municipal and agricultural roles with things like sprayers and salt spreaders mounted on the rear load deck.

Long- and short-wheelbase variants are available – the former having a 400kg payload and a £19,995 price tag, the latter carrying just 240kg and coming in £3,000 cheaper. If that sounds a bit steep the company also offers a factory refurb option – guaranteed to have at least 80% of the original battery capacity and warrantied for two years they’re just shy of £11,000.

The best bit? There’s an external electric supply so you could use the Paxter, which was on show at Lamma last week, as a mobile power source for jobs like welding.

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