The new 6-cyl (7.7lit) Mercedes Benz engine inside the Varitron Platinum 270 – the latest version of Grimme’s two-row self-propelled potato harvester – kicks out 354hp (was 326hp). The new block not only meets Stage IV engine emissions, but is also more fuel efficient, providing reduced engine speeds of 1300rpm on the road and 1500rpm in the field. Other updates to the Platinum, which is heading to Potato Europe in France next month, include a 7-tonne NonstopBunker, which when stationary unloads in just 45 seconds. The Platinum also features a new hydraulic track tensioning system and a new telescoping rear axle. In the road transport mode this increases the harvester’s width (below 3.5m with the narrower wheel option/75cm row widths), by 550mm in the field for increased stability. Other notable updates include independent reversing of the intake web as well as the first and second main webs. The two-row Varitron Platinum will also be available as a wheeled machine for the 2017 season or as an unloading bunker machine with 2-tonne buffer bunker.