Ploeger tests four-wheeler

Earlier this year, Ploeger announced it was developing a four-wheeled self-propelled AT machine to sit between the three and five-wheeled versions. Called the AT5104 LNMS, the prototype is in field for testing.

by Steven Vale

5 Oct 2021

Sharing much of its technology with the AT4103 and AT5105, including the 550hp Scania six-pot engine and ZF CVT, the main difference is the newly-developed chassis and four-wheel concept.

All four wheels are used to drive and steer the machine in the field. Rear axle steering is deactivated at road speeds above 25km/hr, and it is possible to switch off the oil pumps during transport to save fuel.

Hydraulic front axle suspension (with automatic height control) and suspended cab are standard. Other features include a tight turning circle and it is possible to direct the slurry injector to the left or right side in crab steer mode.

The narrow engine hood is said to result in an unobstructed visibility to the front and sides, and the loading arm tucks neatly to the side during work.

Tyre options range from the highest 1000/65 R32 to the widest 1250/50 R32. Fuel tank capacity if 850 litres. The AdBlue tank holds 60 litres.