A few months ago, Ploeger said it would have its trailed merger finished and in the field before the end of this year. True to its word, the first CM2240 was recently delivered to a Dutch contractor in time to rake up autumn grass.

The CM2240 is fitted with the same 5.0m pick-ups as the company’s existing self-propelled CM4240 merger. Built under licence from Reiter at its base at Roosendaal in the Netherlands, the small diameter units feature trailing rather than fixed tines, and a double swath roller in front of the pick-up and a conveyor rotor above it.

The two units can be adjusted independently of each other to provide a flexible swath working width in both centre and side delivery modes. In centre delivery mode the CM2240 merges 11.80m of grass into a single swath.

Operation is via a 7” touch screen display unit, combined with a joystick for functions at the headland. As an option, it can be operated from the tractor’s operating unit using an ISObus plug.

The rear axle on the CM2240 is equipped with an electro-hydraulic forced steering system to track automatically. It is possible to manually override this using the joystick. The tyres are 600mm-wide grassland versions.

The pick-up elements fold horizontally to reduce the transport width to 3.0m and the CM2240 is available with air or hydraulically-operated brakes.

The CM2240 will be available spring 2021. £POA.

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