Ploeger works on trailed belt merger

The technical details are under wraps, but we can confirm that Ploeger is currently building the prototype of its first trailed belt merger. Called the CM2240, the pick-ups come from the self-propelled CM4240 launched at Agritechnica.

by Steven Vale

16 Jul 2020

Ploeger builds the Reiter pick-up system under license at its base at Roosendaal in the Netherlands, but then in a wider 5.0m format. This is not the only difference because the Dutch-made version uses two smaller diameter rollers and numerous other modifications, which claims the company, produce the best results in grass.

The CM2240 has an its own hydraulic system powered by the tractor PTO and we believe that the working width will be in the region of 11.0m-12.0m. The pick-ups fold horizontally just like the self-propelled machine for a transport width of 3.0m.

All functions are controlled via an ISObus terminal and the company says the forced rear axle steering system will provide good manoeuvrability when working in headland corners.

The trailed prototype is expected to be in Dutch fields for testing by the end of the summer. A limited number of pre-production machines will be available for delivery next spring.