Sales of new tractors and machinery grew considerably in Italy during the first three months of this year. The 6,000 tractors registered during the quarter were up almost 58% on the same three months of 2020, which were subdued by the Covid situation.

There was a significant growth during the first three months of this year for tractors above 174hp, the numbers of which increased by 80%. FederUnacoma (Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Association) believes this was driven by contractors investing in more powerful machines.

The unit numbers are small, but combine harvester sales in Italy increased by 180% to 56 units during the quarter, while trailer sales rose by 37% to 2,100 units.

Telescopic handlers, which were the only machine to enjoy any growth (9.0%) in the first three months of 2020, rose again by 86% from January to March this year to 380 units.