Pöttinger has borrowed much of the tech from the more powerful Servo 4000 range and incorporated it in the new Servo 3000 series. The mounted reversible range is designed for tractors up to 200hp.

Pöttinger continues to update its plough ranges. Following on from the recent launch of the Servo 4000 (max. 350hp) and 6000 (max. 500hp) ranges, now it is the turn of the Servo 3S to adopt the new model numbering.

Available like the outgoing range with three to five furrows, the Servo 3000 series is available in standard, hydraulic stone protection (Nova) and furrow width adjustment (Plus) versions. There is also a PN model with both hydraulic stone protection and furrow width adjustment.

There are numerous small updates, but one of the main differences is the stronger headstock and turning mechanism on Servo 3000 models, which increases the maximum power from 180hp to 200hp.

“Many areas of Scotland and Norfolk still use a dedicated plough tractor, but in the rest of the UK, where ploughing is done on a rotational basis, it is generally a case of which tractor is available,” comments Pöttinger sales development manager Shaun Kent. With this in mind, the new headstock, which has four different attachment possibilities for the lower linkage arms and two for the top link, is easier to set up.

Another main change concerns the hydraulic stone protection system, with the cylinder now concealed within the main frame to protect it. Trigger pressure is adjustable from 1.2-1.5t. When activated, the mouldboards can move up by 42cm and 20cm to the side. Also, all accumulators are grouped together in an area well away from the working parts.

One of the first pre-series ploughs recently arrived in the UK. Available with a wide range of additional tools, such as skimmers and disc coulters, the first production models will be available next year.

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