The new look and name are not the only changes on the Impress 3000 round balers, which come with a number of improvements and new options.

The basic range still includes two fixed-chamber 3130F Master and 3130F Pro, as well as three models each for the variable-chamber balers.

The 3160 and 3190 are available in the V version without a chopping system, V Master with a 16-knife chopping system and straightforward control concept, and in the V Pro version with a 32-knife chopping system, load sensing, ISObus control and numerous automatic functions.

The range is rounded off with three baler and wrapper combinations: 3130 FC Pro fixed-chamber with a bale diameter of 1.3m, 3160 VC Pro variable chamber up to 1.55m and 3190 VC Pro variable chamber up to 1.85m. Bales with a diameter of up to 1.5m can be wrapped.

There are no changes to the floating pick-up, rotor and chopping system, but the 20% increased baling pressure on the new Impress V models is claimed to result in firmer and heavier bales.

Main updates on all models include the new binding unit and the possibility to equip them for film and film binding using a tail binding unit. The roller is no longer braked electrically, but hydraulically. If frequent changes are made between net and film, a second binding roll holder can be ordered.

An optional loading system now supports the operator when changing the roll. Other options include an LED lighting package (Pro), a 1000rpm driveline (V and Master), a hose reel for cleaning, moisture sensors and new tyre sizes.

The latest Pro models also benefit from the new Power Control 3.0 terminal. This enables the direct selection of functions using membrane keys and the input of parameters using the 5″ touch monitor.

Wrapper improvements include being able to rotate bales on the platform before and after the process to tidy up the ends of the binding and wrapping layers. This not only prevents loose ends of film from snagging during transport or storage, but also squeezes out any excess air between the layers. The film magazines now hold 2 x 8 rolls of wrapping film or 2 x 6 rolls of wrapping film and 2 x 1 roll of binding film.

Maintenance status is now monitored by a service counter, which informs the operator about upcoming greasing intervals. The 3000 Series machines will be available from October.