Average tractor HP continues to increase but some farmers continue to seek the lightest cultivator/drill tractor possible to reduce compaction and use less diesel. A new solution to this end comes in the form of Pöttinger’s tool carrying frame concept, which allows a lighter tractor to work with a compact disc harrow or stubble cultivator, and mounted seed drill.

Called Multiline, the basic unit for attaching to the front of the frame is a Terradisc compact disc harrow or Synkro stubble cultivator. Available in working widths of 3.0m (with Synkro) and 4.0m (with Terradisc), at the rear, a Vitasem ADD or Aerosem ADD seed drill connects to a double-row packer roller. At the headland, the combination is raised 27cm when the weight of the drill and cultivator is carried by the rear packer roller, which says Pöttinger, means it can be connected to a lighter tractor without any front weights (only requirement is a double-acting remote). Comprising four tyres per metre, the packer is also used for depth control, and for road transport.

The drill can be easily attached or removed easily, says the Austrian company, allowing the Multiline to be used with only a disc harrow or cultivator.