Powered axle for latest Landquip sprayers

A self-contained hydraulic drive system that transmits up to 130hp to the sprayer’s powered axle is the main talking point of the British manufacturer’s new PowerTrac trailed sprayers.

by Steven Vale

9 Jun 2021

Taking a year to develop the new range, which is offered in 6000, 7000 and 8000-litre capacities, also features a new pneumatic, level-ride axle suspension system with quadruple air bags.

The self-contained hydraulic drive system utilises a load sensing, high torque, axial piston pump driven at 1000rpm by the tractor’s PTO. The intelligent power-on-demand system has two forward and two reverse speeds powering the axle at up to 18km/hr in the field.

The company says the new models offer better weight distribution and less soil compaction than large self-propelled sprayers carrying their weight on two axles. Having three powered axles the tractive force required to propel the combination is shared between six wheels, which says the company, results in less slippage, soil disturbance and compaction. It is also claimed to be safer on hillsides as the tractor’s wheels are less prone to loss of traction, and advantageous when reversing into headland corners.

Steering (20-degree angle) or non-steering axles can be specified with track width options from 1.8 to 2.0m. Air brakes are standard (ABS option) and the sprayer is equipped with 710/70R38 VF MultiFlex Vredestein tyres. Spray pump sizes are 450, 700 or 1300l/min, and the company confirms application rates of up to 1400l/ha at 12km/hr when applying suspension fertiliser at up to 42m.

The PowerTrac range comes standard with pressurized boom recirculation and pneumatic spray line blow-out to eject chemical back to the tank or out via the nozzles prior to rinsing or washing out.

The Poziflow recirculation system has been further developed to ensure an even distribution and equal pressure across the whole boom irrespective of application volume, and as with all Landquip sprayers, the PowerTrac is equipped with aluminium booms up to a maximum width of 44m.

The fill station includes stainless steel ball valves, and a 30-litre induction bowl. Colour screen electronics includes GPS auto air-switched sections, variable rate control and coverage mapping. The options list includes an automatic lubrication system and tyre inflation.

Prices start from around £130,000.