Precise slurry application from Vogelsang

Vogelsang says that the new skid geometry on its BlackBird trailing shoe linkage deposits slurry even more precisely with greatly reduced crop contamination.

by Steven Vale

27 Jun 2019

The result of slurry flow simulation and flow rate tests with a number of different shapes, the beak-like version was the best in ensuring a controlled and even flow of slurry. The pressurised pointed skid is also better able to penetrate the soil, says the company.

The BlackBird incorporates the next generation of the German company’s precision distributor ExaCut ECQ. Located in the centre of the boom, the firm says that the large diameters and distribution plates not only keep the slurry flow under control, but ensure a high distribution accuracy.

Located in the centre of the boom, the next-generation ExaCut ECQ ensures even slurry distribution.

The ExaCut ECQ is fitted with a large maintenance port for quicker and easier access to all internal components. Service can now be carried out without dismantling the precision distributor or dismounting the cover, outlet hoses and feed lines.

Operating at a lower speed, the newly-designed rotor reduces power requirements by up to a claimed 50%. The reduction is speed also exerts less strain on the cutting blades and the internal pressure of the distributor, helping to prolong service life of the unit.

The hose layout has also been modified to prevent the unit from creating a V-shaped imprint when starting work.

The company says that the beak-like shoe shape allows slurry to be deposited with a high level of precision.

The trailing shoe linkage is available in working widths of 12.0m and 15.0m. The transport width of both is 2.99m.

The BlackBird will be on display at Agritechnica in November.