The EC-Steer linkage mounted steering frame turns non-steered Steketee hoes into implements with joystick or even camera steering. It can also be used as a stand-alone unit on hoes from other manufacturers.

Described as a simple, smooth and precise solution for users keen to upgrade their existing hoe or switch between systems, there are two versions. EC-Steer 7 is for hoes with a weight of up to 2.5t and a working width of up to 6.0m.

The open three-point headstock offers the advantage that the camera can be positioned centrally on the steering frame to cover a larger area. The reinforced frame of the EC-Steer 9 is suitable for hoes with a working width of up to 9.0m and a weight of up to 4.0t.

The hoe is controlled from the tractor cab via a joystick or the IC-Light camera steering system. The latter enables it to differentiate between crop plants and weeds based on different shades of green or the RGB colour spectrum. Steketee says that this allows it to work automatically to within 2.0cm of a plant.