The latest fully automatic hitch system from Danish manufacturer Siwi is only to be used in an emergency when baling straw. Called FireSafe, the patented system allows the tractor to be quickly disconnected should the baler catch fire.

After studying a number of incidents, the company found that a number of tractor drivers tried to disconnect the burning baler. However, it all happened so quickly that there was no time to disconnect hydraulic and electric connections, which were pulled out of the rear end of the tractor, resulting in an expensive repair bill.

Suitable for mounting on all balers as an extension of the K80 connection, FireSafe comprises a quick attach unit for hydraulic and electrical connections, and a unit that is inserted on the drawbar.

In the event of a fire in the baler, all the tractor operator needs to do is slow down, flick a switch on the in-cab control box and push a button. This automatically disconnects both top and bottom units allowing the tractor to drive forward in seconds.

Costing around €10,000, there would seem little point installing the drawbar unit to tractors fitted with a pickup hitch, which can be quickly lowered to release the baler should it go up in smoke.

A more popular option in the UK and Ireland could be the new M-Connect system for the electrics and up to six hydraulic connections. The operator needs to get out of the cab to operate disconnect it manually, but it can also be used with other machines, while FireSafe is only for the baler.

Launched at the Agromek farm machinery show, M-Connect costs around €4,500.

Siwi products are brought to the UK by Keith Rennie Machinery.

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