In addition to the C-Mix shares, Amazone now offers the new C-Mix Clip quick-change system for its Cenius mulch cultivators. Described as a simple, quick and time-saving change over, the new share system consists of a guide plate and tip like those of the C-Mix. However, the guide plate on the C-Mix Clip is fixed to the tine and the tip is then fixed on the quick-change system. Different share tips can be attached using a detachable locking pin. The securing pin is guided at the reverse side of the tine through a hollow bolt, holding the relevant share tip safely on the C-Mix Clip bracket.

Amazone offers an 80mm wide tine for intensive loosening and mixing at depths of 12cm to 30cm. In addition, a 100mm wide share tip is also available. This is suitable both for the deeper stubble tillage to depths of 10 to 20cm and for primary soil tillage. A 320mm wide goose foot share tip is also available for shallow and overall stubble tillage of 3cm to 10cm. A special tool is available to push the share onto the C-Mix Clip bracket.