Quicke loaders get on-board weighing option

The Q Companion load weighing device uses sensors mounted on the loader to accurately weigh the contents lifted by an attachment.

by Steven Vale

3 Apr 2020

Described as a useful device for those who are doing a lot of loading and want to keep a track of the amounts they are lifting, such as manure, straw and silage bales, each lift is displayed and can be recorded and aggregated on a screen.

Suitable for retrofitting to most loaders, the device integrates with a readily downloadable app to offer users the option of saving and comparing jobs using a mobile phone.

Information from sensors mounted on the loader is displayed on a screen.

The load weighing device comes with a position monitor that shows the operator the bucket, fork or grab height and angle reference. The company says that this negates the need to re-adjust the manual indicator rod when changing attachments, and up to 30 different ones can be calibrated for both weighing and position monitoring.

The Q Companion costs around £1,000.