Operated from the tractor seat, the Pal Attach quick attach system is designed to make hitching of three-point linkage implements easier, quicker and safer.

Removing the operator from the potential danger zone between the tractor and implement, the Pal Attach is the first product in the Trac-cessories line of tractor based accessories from Irish company Palatine Engineering.

Originally developed and patented by OCE, Pal Attach won the innovation safety award at the 2016 national ploughing championships. However, the company ceased production a few years ago to pursue other interests.

Both companies came to an arrangement for Co. Limerick-based Palatine Engineering to restart production and sales of the 68kg unit that fits most implements built to Cat II standards and tractors with a Cat II and most Cat III linkages.

The only other requirement is a double acting hydraulic service from the tractor to operate the sliding top link hook. No implement conversion brackets are required (subject being designed to Cat II standards), which helps to keep the costs down and allows implements to be used by other tractors.

The 1.0m wide and high device pushes the implement 170mm further back, but the manufacturer reckons will not be an issue in most cases. Currently only available through Palatine’s Irish dealers, the Pal Attach retails for €1,100 (inc. VAT). A limited number of units are currently available with production ramping up shortly.