Remote-controlled hybrid tool carrier

The Metron P48 RC is claimed as the first remote-controlled tool carrier with a true hybrid drive system.

by Steven Vale

14 Mar 2019

Made by Austrian firm Reform, which in its homeland is well known for the its Mounty farm tractors, the Metron is designed for mowing roadside embankments and mulching between fruit trees.

Power to the 1.15t heavy vehicle comes from a 48hp Kubota Stage V petrol engine, mated to a generator. Electricity from the battery pack (four x 4.8kW/48v) is transferred to four electric wheel motors, which when cutting short grass provides up to 90 minutes of power.

The 650kg capacity front linkage/PTO is also electrically-powered (400kg lift capacity mechanical rear linkage option).

The company claims that the engine recharges the battery pack to 80% in just 20 minutes, and numerous recharging options are available.

On sale from the autumn, the Metron, which has five steering modes, is expected to cost around €60,000. A rotary brush is available for sweeping duties and the Metron can also be fitted with a snow blower.