Reverse drive option

A reverse drive kit developed by Dutch engineering firm Vlastuin Mechanisatie allows operators to quickly turn the seat and controls of John Deere 6R, 7R and 8R tractors through 180 degrees.

by Steven Vale

1 Apr 2021

The company first started modifying tractors on John Deere 6 series tractors in 2013. Most of these are with local tree nurseries for use with a specially-developed and rear-mounted crane, or with local authority and forestry contractors where it is used with a wide range of kit, including tree stump removers.

Based at Kesteren, in the east of the country, the company feels the technique is now ready to roll out commercially and is keen to find out if there is a market on farms, possibly when mowing grass.

The technical details are under wraps, but we are told it is made possible by the CommandArm in combination with foot pedals and/or joysticks to allow the driver to operate all machine functions.

Also suitable for retro-fitting, it depends on the level of specification, but the roughly €8,500-costing modification includes the rear foot pedals and joystick steering.