While offering the same broad specification as the previous D5130 and D5150 twin horizontal beater/spinning disc manure spreaders, the latest Delilah DS150HD (15.2m³) and DS175HD (17.3m³) models have several new or improved features.

The simplified driveline transmitting power to the 1.1m-wide beaters has been improved by replacing two gearboxes with a single unit. Replacing the former shaft and gearbox arrangement, the new layout powers an automatically lubricated 25mm duplex chain drive to the rotors.

A central greasing system simplifies servicing and maintenance of the driveline and other moving parts, and at the rear, all discs, tips, tip holders and scoops are now made from boron steel for increased durability.

The design of the horizontal beaters has been improved with the addition of reinforced boron steel tip holders, and the modified design of the headland limiter creates a shallower cut-off angle, for increased accuracy.

Deflectors are now fitted on the top of the mudguards to prevent muck accumulation, while the rear hood has been modified to simplify adjustment of the spread pattern.

The first opportunity to see the Suffolk manufacturer’s new spreaders will be at LAMMA in January where a Delilah DS175HD fitted with ISObus spreader monitoring and weighing will be on display. It is also possible to equip both models with a Griffith Elder weighing and constant application rate control system.