Agritechnica is not the only show this November. Yugagro, the largest Russian farm machinery fair, will again be taking place from November 24-27, in Krasnodar. This year’s event will be held in four exhibition halls (35,600sq.m.) at the new ExpoGrad YUG exhibition complex. Southern Russia’s agriculture is of great importance to the Russian Federation with one quarter of the country’s agricultural production coming from Krasnodar, Stavropol, Rostov, Volgrograd and the autonomous republic Kalmykia – around 95% of the 10,700 visitors to the last show came from these regions. And there is a very good reason why Yugagro is held in Krasnador. With favourable conditions (fertile black soil and moderate climate), 10.6% of all Russian grain, 19% of the country’s sugar beet and 17% of Russia’s sunflowers are cultivated in the region on 4.5 million hectares. Contributing 16% of the Region’s GDP and 7% to the Russian GDP Krasnodar is not only the country’s largest producer and supplier of agricultural products, but also Russia’s most important market for agricultural machinery. Last year’s Yugagro was attended by 613 exhibitors from 31 countries.