In recent years there’s been a sudden rash of combined weight/storage boxes appearing on the noses of tractors across the country. One of the many manufacturers is Ryetec which as developed a ‘Compact’ version of its Workbox.

As well as being slimmer and shallower than the standard unit, this new model has an additional trick up its sleeve. Like most other boxes of its kind it is carried on the tractor’s front linkage and it exerts maximum downforce thanks to the leverage generated by having hung so far forward of the front axle.  However, when that extra front end loading isn’t required the box can be dropped off, the link-arms folded and it can re-attached in close-coupled format. Thanks to the way most front linkages fold this is a job more easily done with a forklift.

As well as providing storage for things like tools, wearing metal and twine the Workbox Compact can be ballasted to over 1,000kg and can be fitted with up to 750kg of quick-coupled belly weights.

Standard spec includes LED hazard strobes, twin front work lights and tool box lights. Left/right-facing cameras, a removable slot-in vice and 240-volt AC inverter are all on the options list. Prices start from £3,600.

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