We began this week with a look at a novel safety camera system heading to certain Massey Ferguson combines, so it is fitting we end the week with the same system, but then from Fendt. Up to now, Fendt’s X and P-Series combines were only available with reversing cameras as well as cameras on the unloading tube and the hitch to monitor machine operation. From this harvest the number of options increases with a sophisticated 360° camera system, which Fendt claims provides a tremendous increase in safety with all four sides of the machine completely visible and with no blind spots. Four ultra-wide cameras equipped with 185° lenses are attached to all four sides of the combine. Intelligent software flattens the four fish-eye images and combines them into one seamless image on the monitor. Areas of the vehicle that are difficult to see into are visible and the operator sees the entire machine from a bird’s eye perspective. Shown in real-time, the images can be displayed in black and white on the Fendt Varioterminal 10.7, as a full-screen or quarter-screen image. The company says it will come in handy during turning manoeuvres with limited space in the farmyard or in the machine shed, and will reduce machine downtime and repairs and lowers the risk of accidents. It will be interesting to see whether Fendt has plans to add a similar system on its larger tractors.