Samson Agro machines in Farming Simulator

Slurry and manure equipment made by Danish firm Samson Agro is officially included for the first time in the latest version of the well-known computer game Farming Simulator.

by Steven Vale

10 Oct 2018

Previously, users could only draw their own Samson machines in the game, but Giants Software has now developed a large selection of Samson machines to play with. Programmed from original factory drawings, the Danish manufacturer reckons the result is realistic and brings some of the technical features of the real machines to life.

The computer game is popular in Denmark and CEO Lars Henriksen of Samson Agro has wanted to join Farming Simulator for many years. “It’s a global game, that young people from the agricultural industry know of and often play in the countries we are active.”

Giants Software reckons to have sold over 15 million copies worldwide. Farming Simulator 19 will be released on November 20.