Samson boss talks of Pichon deal

The Danish firm became the largest player in the European slurry tanker and manure spreader market when it acquired French manufacturer Pichon Industries at the start of this year.

by Steven Vale

26 Apr 2019

“The two companies complement each other well both with regard to production facilities, geographical distribution and products, which are complimentary and not competitive,” said Samson Agro CEO Lars Henriksen.

There are no plans to drop the Pichon name or make any changes to the production sites. Pichon machines will remain in France and Samson equipment will still be made in Denmark. The two R+D departments will also continue to work separately.

What the acquisition does provide though are numerous manufacturing synergies, which Mr Henriksen said will be exploited.

Also, while the two companies use different components, such as axles, tyres and rims, many of them come from the same supplier, which again gives the Samson Group more purchasing power.

The Pichon acquisition also provides additional manufacturing capacity. The Danish firm’s production site at Viborg is close to the limit whereas Pichon has spare capacity and it is possible that certain smaller Samson slurry tankers and muck spreaders could at some point be made at the French facility.

More details in the May issue.