Fendt secured second place in the important French and German tractor markets last year, but there was a sizeable gap between it and first placed John Deere.

2022 was a year of mixed fortunes for Fendt in mainland Europe. The total markets were down, but the 15,100-odd tractors registered by Fendt is more than 800 units lower that the 15,887 of 2021.

France, Germany and Italy accounted for 54% of all new tractors registered in mainland Europe last year, and the 10,879 tractors recorded by Fendt in these three important markets was also lower than the 11,381 in these same three countries in 2021.

In the number one market of France (34,857 units), Fendt registrations increased by 2.9% from 3,908 in 2021 to 4,022 last year, which was good for a market share of 11.5% (11.1% in 2021). However, there is a huge gap to first placed John Deere, which registered 7,000 tractors in 2022, and a fifth of the total market.

The distance with John Deere is less extreme in Germany where Fendt accounted for 5,319 (17.5% share) of the total market of 30,344 units (John Deere 6,425/21.2% share).

Fendt tractor registrations tumbled by 10% to 1,538 in Italy, the third largest European market, and in Spain, the nature green tractors accounted for 694 (7.4%) of the 9,318 total.

Despite registering around a third fewer tractors, Fendt continues to lead in Switzerland with 328 units and a 16.1% share of the 2,037 total market. It also secured third position in Belgium and the Netherlands, and fourth spots in Hungary and Denmark.

Otherwise, it was a mixed bag for Fendt in mainland Europe last year, and while registrations fell back by a third in Austria to 578 units, although this was good for third place and an 11.8% share of the total market of 4,913 units.

The company could and probably should do better In Portugal where for the second year running it registered just 100 (1.6%) of the total market of 5,759 tractors.

If you are a Claas afficionado then you might like to know that this brand swapped places with Kubota to secure fifth position in both France and Germany last year. More details in the next report. Source: Eilbote

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