It is often possible to find some unusual machines on social media, but even we were surprised to stumble across this chaser bin. The unusual grain hauler currently resides in the yard of Arkansas-based used tractor and farm machinery dealer Twist Ag.

The farmer-built machine is the result of the marriage of a number of John Deere machines. For example, the frame, 225hp engine and three-speed hydrostatic transmission are from an 8820 Titan II combine, while the cab was gleaned from a 9970 cotton picker.

The modification works saw the body of a trailed Brent 782 chaser bin fitted to the combine’s re-engineered frame. The 782 bushel capacity is roughly the equivalent of just over 21t of wheat. The 45cm (18”) unloading auger is said to be in good condition and the North American dealer reckons the machine is ready for action.

It will cost a bit to transport it from Twist (small community to the north-west of Memphis) and across the Atlantic, and there is a good chance it will not arrive on time for this year’s harvest, but just in case you are interested then the asking price of what is dubbed as the John Deere 8882 is US$39,000.