Michelin has added seven new sizes to its TrailXBib trailer, spreader and slurry tanker tyre range.

The seven, the VF500/60R22.5, VF600/50R22.5, VF710/45R22.5, VF600/55R26.5, VF710/50R26.5, VF650/65R30.5 and VF750/60R30.5, join the two original sizes (VF560/60R22.5 and VF650/55R26.5) launched last year.

All use Ultraflex technology, which allows them to carry more load than the same dimension of its predecessor, the CargoXBib, and at a reduced pressure.

Designed with a VF (Very High Flexion) casing and deeper tread, the TrailXBib is also claimed to offer a significant improvement in tyre life compared to the CargoXBib. Other features include even wear, improved road handling and good self-cleaning properties.

It is now possible to equip tractor and trailer combinations with Michelin Ultraflex VF tyres, with the choice of AxioBib 2, XeoBib and YieldBib ranges for the tractor, and TrailXBib for the trailer. All are fully compatible with central tyre inflation systems.