A new line of heavy-duty, contractor-targeted hedge trimmers is being launched by Shelbourne Reynolds at LAMMA next month. Incorporating upgrades including a new mainframe design, greater slew arc, and uprated oil and cooling capacities, the new Powerblade HD800 machines will be offered alongside three models from the existing HD700. There are three telescopic models in the new line, with reach capabilities of 6m, 7m and 8m, and two VFRT (variable forward reach telescopic) variants, providing 6.5m and 7.5m reach, plus up to 4.1m forward/rearward travel. While the established Powerblade HD700 models provide the basis for the HD800 line, the new machines have been almost completely reworked. The new mainframe design around which HD800 machines are built creates a slightly wider platform which, while still keeping the trimmer fully within the width of modern tractors, allows for a layout that improves service access. It incorporates a heavy-duty top link area, forklift shoes for easy out-of-season relocation, and a flip-down foot plus a relocated right-hand stand for improved stability when the trimmer is dismounted from the tractor. A toolbox is an integral feature, as is a hose/cable storage area. Utilising axle brackets for maximum stability and strength, the design of the new models ensures they mount as closely as possible to the tractor but do not require removal of the lower link arms. All 800 series machines can be either axle or three-point linkage mounted with no modifications to the mainframe required. HD800 models benefit from a bigger slew cylinder for increased power and strength, and a greater slew angle, increased from 90 degrees to 103 degrees to allow the head to be moved further behind in line with the tractor for road travel. Slew pin size and slew cylinder bush quality have been upgraded to match, and there is an integral slew locking pin.The heavy-duty pillar is common to all HD800 models, and is designed with an open base to prevent trash build-up, while there is now a stop bolt on both the bottom and the top of the pillar to reduce stress on the slew ram and improve pillar stability. A larger lift cylinder provides greater lift capacity for a wider range of heavier heads, while a head movement angle of 248 degrees is common to all machines in the range, courtesy of a larger head angle cylinder with 40mm pivot pins. Reach cylinder size has also been uprated. Other hydraulic upgrades include an improved main rotor valve incorporating an uprated relief valve, better main valve and high pressure filter access, and relocation of the VFRT valve to the main valve plate. A new hydraulic tank design with a raised filler/breather pipe increases oil capacity by 30 per cent to 222 litres, while cooler and fan size have each been increased by 20% and hose clamp design has been improved. A removable oil cooler tap screen and easy-to-clean radiator, plus an expanded mesh pre-filter screen at front and rear, all make cleaning of the cooling area easier when servicing the machine, while the service area is now protected by a gas-strut-equipped top cover. Protection of electronic controls has been further improved to bring them fully under cover, while HD800 specification is completed with a full LED rear light package and a 180-degree strobe light.