SIMA 2019: Indian made combine harvester

With a cutting width of just 2.2m and a grain tank capacity of 1,400-litres, the Fieldking Multi Crop is the most unusual combine on display in Paris this week.

by Steven Vale

28 Feb 2019

Popular in its homeland, and in Asia, Africa and South America, the rotor inside the Multi Crop FKCH 2000, as it is officially known, is capable of tackling a wide range of crops. Rice is the main one but it is equally at home in wheat, soya beans, mustard and maize, covering a maximum of 5ha/day.

Main features include the joystick steering system and rubber tracks. Draining fuel from a 130-litre tank, the standard engine is an 86hp Indian made one but customers can also opt for a Korean block.

Made at a factory near Delhi, the company claims to make around 200 units with a cab each year and another 500 without. Cost of a machine c/w cab is around €20,000.

The company has no plans to sell the machine in Europe but is keen to seek importers to sell its expanding range of small rectangular and round balers, ploughs, cultivators and mounted sprayers.