SIMA 2019: John Deere shows 685hp engine

A highlight on the Deere Power Systems stand is a 13.6-litre, six-pot, Stage V compliant PowerTech PSS engine that develops a maximum output of 685hp.

by Steven Vale

27 Feb 2019

Like the existing 13.5-litre version, it still employs four valves per cylinder and uses both SCR and external EGR to meet engine emissions.

Lighter and more compact than the current engine, the biggest change in the nearly 1.5t heavy block is the injection pumps have been swapped for a high press common rail system. The new motor develops 10% more power than the existing 13.5-litre version.

So can we expect to see the new 400hp to 685hp block in a John Deere machine? The company is saying nothing but the current 13.5-litre version is used in several of John Deere's foragers, combines and 9R Series tractors. The serious betting money will be on the new engine finding its way into one of these later this year (perhaps at Agritechnica?) with availability sometime in 2020.