The demand for a simple mechanical seed drill suited to sowing wildlife margins and game cover strips has led Italian firm MaterMacc’s new UK operation to import a range of linkage-mounted Grano machines. Available in sizes from 2.5-6.0m, the Grano can be specified as seed-only or seed/fertiliser versions. Coulter choice includes conventional Suffolk, single disc, double disc and double disc with press wheel, and coulter pressure is altered via a central adjustment. The seed hopper, which is equipped with an acoustic low-level alarm and seed agitators, has a capacity of 283-670litres depending on model, and is accessed via a full-width platform and an easy-to-open lid. Two different rollers allow the drill to handle small and large seeds, and a stepless continuously-variable gearbox takes care of metering, with calibration via a simple handle that allows seed quantity to be measured accurately. Seed emptying trays are supplied for this purpose. Further specification includes a half-width shut-off and full transport lighting. Options include a split seed/fertiliser hopper, following harrow, hydraulic row markers and track eradicators, while automatic tramlining pre-emergence markers can also be specified. Tyres for the drive wheels are 6.50 x 15 units, with a 26.00 x 12 option. Price for a 3m double disc coulter Grano is approximately £12,000.