Simple to operate Mastek trailing shoe

The simpler design of the tanker-mounted Micro trailing shoe from Irish slurry equipment manufacturer Mastek is said to be easy to operate.

by Steven Vale

29 Jul 2020

Available in widths of 7.0m and 7.5m, the ‘farm-spec’ shoe is flagged up as both lightweight and strong, and like the higher specification Eco trailing shoe, each spring is capable of exerting up to 8.0kg of pressure on the coulter.

This ensures slurry is placed under the grass to prevent grass contamination. The hydraulic system lifts and tilts for headland turning, and continues to fold the booms for transport with a single spool valve.

The SuperCut micro macerator on the Micro is also new. A variant of the existing SuperCut version for 12.0m booms, the 35% lighter Micro macerator is designed for smaller applicators.

Just like its big brother, it is claimed to be capable of macerating high fibre slurry, plastic and other foreign objects and distribute slurry evenly on hilly land.

The Micro trailing shoe can be fitted to all new tankers or retro-fitted to existing ones equipped with brackets.