With a working width of up to 11.08m, the Disc HD 1100 D FS is the largest butterfly mower conditioner so far from Slovenian manufacturer SIP. There are also a couple of new rakes.

The Disc HD 1100 D FS (working widths from 10.5-11.08m) is one of two new models in the range. The other is the Disc HD 1000 D FS (9.20-10.20m). Capable of outputs of up to 18.5ha/hr and 20ha/hr respectively, both are fitted with steel finger conditioners.

The Disc HD 1000 can be equipped with cross conveyor belts (BC designation), allowing users to mow, condition, and prepare swaths in a single pass.

The belt conveyor can be lifted out of work allowing the swaths to be placed across its working width.

The 515mm of cutterbar sideshift on each mower ensures plenty of overlap when working on slopes and in field corners, and the hydro pneumatic suspension system is said to result in a significant reduction in cutter bar wear and fuel costs.

The uniform crop flow produced by the 409mm diameter discs on the 16-disc cutterbar is said to further reduce power/fuel consumption, and the newly designed aerodynamic cutterbar prevents cut material from accumulating.

Other notable features include a driveline early warning system. Called OMS (Overload Monitoring System), this alerts operators to a drop in rotation speed anywhere along the driveline via the in-cab control box.

Tractor power requirements are 180hp for the Disc HD 1000 FS and 220hp for the Disc HD 1000 FS BC and Disc HD 1100 FS. The Disc HD 1000 FS BC is heading to Agritechnica. The UK launch will be at LAMMA in January and machines will be available for next season.

New SIP rotary rakes

The Slovenian manufacturer has also developed two new centre delivery Star twin rotor rakes; the R 870|26 TC and R 930|28 TC. Maximum working widths are 8.6m and 9.3m, respectively. Completing a range which also includes the Star 1000|30 T, the largest twin rotor rake in the range, the R 930|28 TC has the capacity to knock down 13ha/hr.

The two newcomers offer variable working widths and a choice of specification level. Basic manual configuration includes mechanical swath curtain adjustment and rotor height adjustment. The H line presents the premium specification offering Hydro Pneumatic Suspension (HPS) and hydraulic rotor height adjustment.

On the Star R 930|28 TC, H line specification includes a central hydraulic swath curtain. This remains in the working position during partial rotor lift. SIP says this ensures that a uniform swath is formed even when only one rotor is in work.

Rakes configured for side delivery are also available. In addition to hydraulic rotor height adjustment and HPS, the R 860|26 TS H comes standard with Sequential Rotor Lift. This allows the operator to customise the delay in the partial lift of the rear rotor. This model has a working width of 7.20m producing a single swath or 8.61-8.65m when making a double swath, achieving outputs of up to 12.5ha/hr.

Other notable points include the patented Z-drive PTO drive line within the R 860|26 TS. The Z-drive allows for higher partial lifts to 500mm. This is said to significantly improve the driving experience both over swaths and on headlands.

The Star 930|28 TC H will be on the SIP stand at Agritechnica. The UK launch will be at LAMMA in January, and machines will be available in the UK for 2024.

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