Six tractors stolen from UK dealer

Used tractor specialist CFS UK has had half a dozen tractors stolen from its premises overnight on May 20th/21st.

by Mervyn Bailey

22 May 2020

The six 2019 New Holland T7.210 models are all of a similar spec as the tractor pictured above with 50km/hr Range Command transmssion and front weight carrier.

Chrish Harvey of CFS explains that the the entire event was caught on CCTV in what was a very well-organised theft.

"The tractors were taken two at a time, with 40 minutes between each pair as shown on the CCTV," he says. All of the tractors were driven several miles from the yard before being loaded on a truck.

"We suspect they were hidden somewhere for 24 hours to see if they were fitted with trackers, unfortunately they were not, and they have probably now been containerised or will be moved in curtainsiders one or two at a time to the docks," says Mr Harvey. "The good thing for us is that CID has now taken over the case so hopefully we might get something back."

The registration and serial numbers of the stolen tractors are as follows:

Tractor one AD19OBE (reg plate) TKE106179 (serial number)

Tractor two AD19OBF (reg plate) AKE106224 (serial number)

Tractor three AD19EJZ (reg plate) VKE106223 (serial number)

Tractor four AE19EJV (reg plate) TKE106084 (serial number)

Tractor five AE19EJL (reg plate)  JKE106008 (serial number)

Tractor six HX19BVL (reg plate)  VKE101281(serial number)

CFS UK was established in 2010 and mainly supplies used New Holland tractors.

Earlier this week Claas dealer, Oliver Agriculture also had machines stolen on Sunday evening from its depot in Reading. This theft included two tractors and a telehandler, the latter has since been recovered but the Axion 810 and Atos 340 are still missing.

The serial number of the Axion is A4101956 and the registration number is LK16CEY while the serial number for the new Atos complete with a FL100 front loader is A9900207.

Both of these incidents have been reported to Thames Valley Police and the dealers are asking for any help in recovering these stolen tractors.