Sixth generation of Fendt Vario 900

For the latest incarnation of the Vario 900, Fendt has more or less downsized the 1000 series with the new range reverting to a MAN motor under the bonnet and using the same stepless transmission set-up as the larger tractors.

by Mervyn Bailey

4 Jul 2019

One of the key features of the four model line-up (930-942) is the 60 inch track width to attract row-crop customers in North America. To this end the AGCO Power engine was deemed physically too big so the Marktoberdorf engineers worked with MAN to develop a new 9.0-litre, Stage V, straight six engine. This uses the same low-revving technology as the 1000 series with full power available in the 1,500-1,700rpm band and 40km/hr can be achieved at a mere 950rpm increasing to 1,450rpm for 60km/hr travel.

While the transmission is essentially the same Vario unit as the bigger tractors, the 900s do have new  axles and a slightly lower lift capacity. The twin-pump hydraulic system has also been introduced allowing one 220l/min pump to be dedicated to supplying a drill fan for instance while the other 210l/min unit looks after the other implement functions. The two pumps have different outputs to reduce vibrations.

In the cab there is the option of a 4.1 infotainment system with eight mikes in the roof to get crisp sound when making a handsfree call.

An early batch of eight demo 900 series are now arriving in the UK, having left Marktoberdorf on Tuesday with other units arriving in the coming weeks. In 2018 Fendt sold over 150 of the 900 series tractors in the UK and Ireland.

More details on the new Vario 900 Gen6 can be found in the August issue of profi which is out now. You can click on the link below to get your copy delivered every four weeks.