New products allowed Amazone to compensate for the decreased demand for farm equipment in many areas of the world last year, gain new customers, and increase its 2016 turnover to €406 million (€402 million in 2015).

Amazone exports 80% of its machines, and the firm’s turnover developed well above average in Russia, Ukraine, Rumania, Spain, the Baltic region and Australia, and the company says turnover levels in Germany, Austria, France and England, remain at a good level in a restrained market.

Amazone directors Christian Dreyer and Justus Dreyer are optimistic for this year, and expect a further slight increase in turnover. The two men are convinced that the growth of the Amazone Group does not solely depend on the general development of the market but also on increased product demand.

The two men are convinced new product development is one of the keys to success, and reckon the new ploughs and other innovations introduced last year means the firm is better positioned than ever before. R+D investment this year remains at over 5% of turnover.